The First Application Detection and Response platform

Stop today’s attacks with in-application context into all runtime transactions and behaviors.

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The Controls You Need, Powered by In-App Runtime Context

Discover and map live interactions in your applications

With continuous monitoring of behaviors and configuration changes.

Unsecured access to PII

Precisely identify application weak points and expose exploitable attack chains

with real-time observability and advanced threat analytics.

Mitigate exploitation attempts

in real-time

with manual or automated controls embedded directly into your applications.

Unsecured access to PII

Miggo is finally providing transparency for our most significant attack vector with the exact tools each stakeholder requires to protect and defend mission-critical assets. ADR is the unified solution we need to not only give us application-layer visibility and control, but also dramatically lower our mean time to detect and respond to application attacks.

Mike Melo

Traditional security practices—monitoring network, endpoint, and host activity—have long been the cornerstone of enterprise defense. But in the absence of real-time, comprehensive application visibility, they keep falling short against sophisticated application layer threats like authentication bypasses and supply chain attacks. 
Miggo addresses this gap with its Application Detection and Response solution, delivering the critical defense mechanism we need to secure vital applications against emerging threats.

Matt Hurwitz
Director of Application Security

Security leaders can’t overlook the blindspot of how applications actually behave in production. This is especially true as we’ve transitioned to distributed architecture with chains of trust that sophisticated attacks exploit. With Miggo, we can finally understand how our distributed services interact to keep ahead of attackers seeking to exploit them.

Mandy Andress

Today we lack total visibility to what our applications are actually doing in production–leaving a critical final layer of defense wide open. Miggo's offer to fill this critical blindspot with visibility, response and mitigation tools is exactly what we’ve been missing in application security.

Michael Sutton
Former CISO

Introducing Applications Detection and Response

Using OpenTelemetry and trace analytics, Miggo is revolutionizing application security with 
real-time detection and monitoring, automated incident response and rich context.



Use a live in-application architecture map to continuously track, analyze and triage risks as they happen.



Enforce best practices and guardrails in your live environments and identify drifts from intended flows and controls



Gain instant alerts on exploitation attempts with the context and threat intelligence you need to act fast.



Mitigate security threats immediately and accurately with manual or automated controls.



Conduct blast radius and impact analysis with rich context on compromised assets and automated reporting.

Is your application under attack right now?

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